Experience Builds Trust

I’ve been helping businesses, individuals and families declutter their lives for over 13 years.

A Passion & Talent For Organizing

My desire to serve others manifests itself in a passion and talent for organizing. I had been the organizing personality in my family since about age 12. Many clients have asked me how I got into organizing. I’ve been a floral designer, technical writer and business manager but never felt fulfilled by any of those positions.

In 2008, I was going through a life transition and really wanted to discover what I was built for. Like many people, I had seen shows on HGTV and A&E about hoarders and others experiencing difficult circumstances that benefited from organizing help. Then, one evening in late 2009, I was in the Sierras taking a walk under the stars when all of a sudden it just hit me – helping others through organizing is the path I’d always been looking for professionally. It was the skillset I had always used in previous jobs…organizing a pile of flowers into a beautiful design; pulling together data from multiple sources and organizing it into technical documentation; creating and keeping order in an office environment. Organizing just didn’t exist as a profession until long after I had graduated from college. So, I enthusiastically started building my Professional Organizing business and have never looked back.

For me, there is nothing so satisfying as helping others reach their goals and to improve their quality of life by applying organizing principals with compassion and understanding

I have over 13 years of professional experience organizing data and ideas, living and working spaces, paperwork and storage – I can do it for you, too!

– Grace