Our Clients Say…

Thank you for your good work. You really did drop from heaven for us. We are very grateful for your understanding and compassion.


I’m a messie, and tend to be disorganized. Every time I get my study ‘cleaned up’, within a few days, it is a mess again. Grace helped me to select new office furniture for my study, then assembled and arranged it – the new desk arrangement takes less space and the chair is ergonomically wonderful. The glass desktop encourages me to organize neatly.My filing system is now in good shape – my file drawers are labeled and organized so that I can find things. This has helped to clear the fog of disorganization. It will take time and reprogramming to change my habits, but Grace gave me periodic homework tasks and has put me on track to learn new ways. She has given me hope. Now I *want* to clean and file until my glass desktop is clear.”


Grace is one of the most talented, most compassionate and most skilled people I have ever met. I highly recommend her!

Brian D

I used to be embarrassed having people come over to visit. After interviewing a couple of different organizers we went with Grace. Her energy is positive and non stop, most of all non judgmental. Grace was on top of things and makes sure that you stay on task. She has given us the tools that we need to make sure that our house never gets back to the condition that it was when she arrived. The whole project spanned over about a month as we were doing 1 day a week. Now I can’t wait to have people visit us in our home. Thank you Grace.


My garage was in great need of order. I had boxes and bags piled in the garage and I was tired of it. A large portion of one half of the garage had become a disorganized, cluttered space. Grace helped me go through everything to identify which items to keep, to dispose of, to gift, and to donate. Grace then sorted the remaining items into storage containers I already had, and assisted in choosing appropriate shelving and storage accessories for my garage. Grace assembled the shelving units and installed several wall hooks. Now my fishing gear, tools, vehicle accessories, and even my holiday décor is sorted into labeled boxes stored neatly and is easily accessible, and my bicycle and other pieces of equipment are now hanging up instead of taking up floor space.


I was dealing with several major life transitions and needed help. From the initial telephone interview, Grace listened thoughtfully to my needs and goals. She readily grasped my way of thinking and made my own organizing plan a reality while also offering creative options along the way. Impressively, Grace carries a tool kit containing everything from furniture sliders to a cordless drill. Grace worked effectively with me as well as independently to execute our plan because she understood the essence of my needs, style, preferences, and personality, and that helped decrease my stress at a very challenging time.

Grace has exceptional listening skills, tailored her approach to my individual needs and workflow. She understands how aesthetics affect my mood and motivation levels. I highly recommend her services.


Thank you for the appointment last Monday – that was AWESOME. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to accomplish as much by myself – probably months. I’d already been at it for 2 months before I called you, but not nearly as productive.

Mary W

My wife found Grace online a few months ago. We had been thinking about organizing our house for a while, but never got serious about it. Amazing how much stuff two people can accumulate after living in the same house for ten years! I admit, I was skeptical at first. Grace sat down with us for over an hour and asked many questions about our interests and what we wanted to accomplish. She was very professional and also extremely patient with us. Our first session was in the kitchen. I hauled away over 100 pounds of dishes, cookware and food that we really did not need. Grace gently helped us to go through the stuff. After the first three hours we had open counter space for the first time ever! We are making progress on the rest of the house, and we have found a good friend in Grace.


My wife and I are thrilled with all your hard work and it has gotten me motivated to complete my side of the closet, too!


As a retired professional who still dabbles in the legal field, I found myself too busy and unmotivated to de-clutter 34 years of accumulated treasures of my own and those of my passing loved ones…I am so pleased to have found Grace! Their professional expertise in the field is outstanding! I particularly liked the ever energetic, positive nudging that guided me to pare down and decide what to keep! Now, my whole home and garage is in order! My closets do not attack me when opened! Everything has a place and I can find it when I need it! What a wonderful gift to myself!


It was great working with you. We got a big start on organizing and weeding out. I feel pretty motivated thanks to you. You are a very non-judgmental person, really respectful the way you let me make all my own decisions. Thanks again for all your help. I never would have tackled that 2nd bedroom without your organizing and sorting skills.


You don’t even know how great it is to have all those piles off the floor. Thanks again for all the help with the closet!


I received great, prompt service with an understanding of my needs without judgement. I feel great about this project and would highly recommend Grace to anyone. This is one if the best gifts I have ever given myself, and I am working with an outstanding person who goes at my pace.

Virginia T

I received great, prompt service with an understanding of my needs without judgement. I feel great about this project and would highly recommend Grace to anyone. This is one if the best gifts I have ever given myself, and I am working with an outstanding person who goes at my pace.

Sheli M